Welcome to Communicado

Communicado is a communication assistant for those with speech impairments, like post-stroke aphasia. This iPad app offers categories of words and images that can be adjusted to fit the personal needs and life circumstances of the user. Communicado is intended to help those with impaired speech connect with the world and the people around them. user The following chapters will explain in detail how Communicado can be used. The Help chapter contains a short introduction.

Where to buy

Communicado is available in the App Store. download

Latest news

Communicado 2.0 has been released. This is a big update, which requires iOS 11 or later. For existing end users of Communicado 1.6, the screen should look familiar (although modernised). They can keep using the updated app as before. However, if you’re an editor (you create and alter vocabularies, categories and words), you will find that much has changed. More information about these changes can be found here.

Previous versions of Communicado

If you’re using a version of iOS older than iOS 11, you can keep using Communicado 1.6.
More information about Communicado 1.6 can be found here.