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Sharing documents

A Communicado document on an iPad can be copied to another iPad. This can be useful for instance if a therapist has multiple documents for multiple clients. By putting a document on the client's iPad the client can use it. Another handy application is starting with a document already produced by somebody else. Once you have the document on your own iPad you can begin editing and extending it.

Method 1: directly from iPad to iPad

This is the easiest way to share a document. This method will only work for documents small enough to be sent by email, and for iPads configured for sending and receiving email.

Method 2: via a computer with iTunes

Copying a document through iTunes involves 3 steps: exporting from one iPad, transporting to another user, and importing on the second iPad. We'll describe these 3 steps now.

step 1: Exporting

step 2: Transporting

step 3: Importing

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